Developing skills and minds

I have always been an enthusiastic, curious learner. I taught courses in higher education for a few years and I have facilitated learning for other professional clients. In time I have come to define a holistic approach and practice to the active assimilation of ideas and knowledge, which I describe as ‘make insight your own’.

I start with current, high quality and widely available reading materials. These are the jumping board for critical and experiential engagement with questions of immediate and powerful interest to clients. The aim is to facilitate active ownership of advanced insights about effective interventions in organisations and in policy-making.

Specifically, I offer the following services:

Copy of Skills Workshops       Skills Workshops (2)

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January/February 2016: The emotional organization

December 2015: The softer side of negotiation

November 2015: What makes a great leader?

October 2015: The new rules of competition

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