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Harvard Business Review is a leading source of research and insight about organisations, business and management. If you are looking for a gentle introduction to HBR or to sustain your interest you may like to:

Join Fans of Harvard Business Review London or the London entrepreneurial meetup group.

Peruse these annotated tables of contents for recent issues of HBR:

March/April 2023: The new human-machine relationship

January/February 2023: What companies get wrong about talent management 

November/December 2022: Defining your company’s values

September/October 2022: Choosing the right platform for your brand

July/August 2022: Choosing your next CEO

May/June 2022: The digitally literate organisation 

March/April 2022: Making purpose real

January/February 2022: Adapting to digital disruption

November/December 2021: Better project management

September/October 2021: Rebuilding your workforce

July/August 2021: AI-powered marketing

May/June 2021: Understanding China

March/April 2021: How leaders can drive sales

January/February 2021: Does business need a new model?

November/December 2020: Managing risk and resilience

September/October 2020: Making sustainability count

July/August 2020: Emerging from the crisis

May/June 2020: Confronting sexual harassment

March/April 2020: Productive innovation

January/February 2020: The loyalty economy

November/December 2019: The CEO 100, 2019 edition

September/October 2019: Power couples

July/August 2019: White-collar crime

May/June 2019: Recruitment 

March/April 2019: Educating the next generation of leaders

January/February 2019: Rethinking efficiency

November/December 2018: The best performing CEOs in the world 2018

September/October 2018: Why curiosity matters

July/August 2018: The leader’s calendar

 May/June 2018: Do entrepreneurs need a strategy?

March/April 2018: The new rules of talent management

January/February 2018: Leading culture

November/December 2017: A manager’s guide to Augmented Reality

September/October 2017: Leading transformation

July/August 2017: The trouble with CMOs

May/June 2017: Managing for the long-term

March/April 2017: The new science of teamwork

January/February 2017: Cumulative advantage

December 2016: Setting CEOs up to win

November 2016: Ecosystem innovation

October 2016: Building a workforce for the future

September 2016: Customer insight 

July/August 2016: Building a diverse organization

June 2016: Managing teams

May 2016: Managing for an unpredictable future

April 2016: How platforms are reshaping business

March 2016: Entrepreneurship for the long term

January/February 2016: The emotional organization

December 2015: The softer side of negotiation

November 2015: Digital customer engagement

October 2015: The new global leader

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