Harvard Business Review Reading Group

Is being informed about the latest, smartest management thinking important to you?

Do you enjoy exploring and trying out new ideas and insights? 

Does discussion and debate with thoughtful, motivated fellow professionals excite you? 

If so, the Harvard Business Review Reading Group could help.

The group sustains our motivation through the highs and lows of working through difficult material.

Just as in a post-graduate seminar, we come to the discussion having read assigned materials from Harvard Business Review and other sources.

We learn through critical engagement with the most current and rigorous reports from the frontiers of management research.

Our examination takes account of our own practical experience and we learn through discussion and debate with peers.

We make our own a variety of management insights, tools and techniques, trusting and developing our own values, goals and powers of discrimination.

As a result, we feel in control of our career trajectories and we are better prepared to take advantage of unexpected challenges and opportunities in our professional lives.

Subscription to Harvard Business Review is recommended.

Groups are customised to suit client needs and budgets. One-to-one sessions in person or online are also available.

For enquiries about price and availability please e-mail liliana@lilianapopconsulting.com or use the contact form on this site.