Make insight your own

Developing new insights in any area of human knowledge is, of course, a collective endeavour. While I strive to continue to make a contribution in my field, I am also attracted to the practical challenge of helping existing insights become more widely known. In many ways, the ‘last mile’ in the journey from lab or library to each and every one of us, is as hard as it is truly consequential.

It is on this ‘last mile’ that ideas and insights are truly tested, their relevance examined and modified. At a time of increased fragmentation and specialisation of scientific and academic fields, successful integration of knowledge in everyday life may depend on making connections between ideas as they interact with each other in particular settings.

The challenge then is to combine a long term commitment to scientific truth, analytical rigour and knowledge accumulation, with socially sensitive methods and strategies for intervention in specific contexts and circumstances.

For organizations

I draw on my training and research across social sciences and a specific regimen of keeping my knowledge up-to-date to integrate various forms of insight, to design a rigorous and responsive approach to specific problems, one that has a better chance to resonate and make a difference.

Thus, I am looking to secure commissions that have twin objectives: they advance fundamental science, the understanding of economic, social and political phenomena and they are useful and effective in response to pressing social needs, large or small.

For individuals

Actively tackling our blind spots, the areas of personal and professional expression neglected in the past is an arduous, brave process that requires patience as well as willingness to embrace vulnerability.

I draw on a variety of sources – formal knowledge, from social science research, as well as psychology, literature and the arts – to design learning experiences for professionals interested in self-development.

Current offerings include research and writing projects, individual and corporate training to facilitate the development of skills and minds, and strategic partnerships for decision makers in business and politics.

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