Liliana’s regimen

I keep abreast of developments in business and politics, international political economy and international relations, especially as related to Romania, Central and Eastern Europe, the European Union and UK through:

  • Continued research and writing for academic work in progress
  • Writing for my blogs Chronicles of Political Economy and Din Londra
  • Regular attendance of public events in London, hosted by universities, think tanks, learned societies, academies, research institutes, charities, embassies and other public bodies
  • Tweeting @LilianaPopCons and @FansHBRLondon
  • Running two meetup groups: Fans of Harvard Business Review and The London entrepreneurial group
  • Subscriptions to a range of current affairs, cultural magazines and journals (see below) as well as numerous newsletters (such as The Economist, Financial Times, Politico, Bloomberg, Brookings Institution, Progressive Britain, Policy Exchange)

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