Academic experience

Logic of honour, logic of practice – work in progress 

Effective reflections bite but do not offend: Some Bourdieuian ‘how-to’ suggestions for policy feed-back, International Studies Association Meeting, San Diego, March 2012

Just deserts or the logic of honour in the international political field, International Studies Association Meeting, Montreal, March 2011

Let’s collapse unnecessary differences: through dialogue, Millennium: Journal of International Studies 2010 Annual Conference: “International relations in dialogue”

Privatisation and state-building in the Western Balkans, Amsterdam School of Social Research, May 2009

Diplomatic negotiators in the international political field: Narrating peace and conflict in the former Yugoslavia, International Studies Association Meeting, San Francisco, April 2013

Graduating from assisted statehood in the Western Balkans: The case of Bosnia and Herzegovina, International Studies Association Meeting, San Francisco, April 2013

Peer-reviewed academic publications


Democratising capitalism? The political economy of post-communist transformations in Romania, 1989-2001 (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2006).


Articles and book chapters

Bourdieu in the post-communist world, in The Oxford Handbook of Pierre Bourdieu, Thomas Medvetz, Jeffrey J. Sallaz (eds.) (New York: Oxford University Press, 2018), pp. 129-160

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Self-analysis and socio-analysis: Bourdieu’s way, Economy and Society, 40:2 (2011), 306-320.

Strategic action is not enough: A Bourdieuian approach to EU enlargement, Perspectives on European Politics and Society, 10: 2 (2009), 254-267.

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Where the domestic meets the international: The role of the IFIs and the EU in Romania’s post-communist transformations, Romanian Journal of Society and Politics, 2:2 (2002), pp. 158-187.

Courses taught in higher education (UK and Romania)

International political economy (undergraduate, postgraduate)

Theories and theorists of international political economy (postgraduate)

Politics of globalisation (postgraduate)

Contemporary European Politics, Term 2: Central and East European Politics (undergraduate)

Politics of West and Central Europe, Term 2: Politics of Central Europe (postgraduate)

Politics of European Integration, Term 2: Policy-making in the EU (undergraduate)

Introduction to politics (undergraduate seminars)

Introduction to international relations (undergraduate)

Mass-media, society and culture (undergraduate)

Training courses for policy-makers (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia), funded by international organizations (UNDP, OSCE)

What is effective policy?

Introduction to international political economy